Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zuit Suit Beatnick Says My Bullet Has 26 Letters

The 2002 Charlie Newman project features our new compatriots the Pollock Brothers from Iceland. Zuit Suit Beatnick Says My Bullet Has 26 Letters has five tracks with the inimitable words of c.newman, music by the Michael and Daniel Pollock and vocals by c.newman and myself.

Zuit Soot Beatnick > Retro-Neo-Futurism Under Deconstruction

Zute Sute Betenyck is a project with the incredible Charlie Newman at the helm. He's a good friend, a great Grandbrother fan and a successful advertising executive from Louisville. This project has me reciting, singing and vocalizing wild lyrics he wrote a couple years before I was even born! These two works could be called concept pieces because they are projects he's masterminded. He plays Pro One, does mixing and uses old reel to reel rhythm tracks of his. CBC3 is also featured on Volume 1 playing evil mutron guitar. The releases comes packaged together with a cover featuring all 54 accepted spellings of the name, a poster, plus a lyric and music booklet with artwork. The tape is a C-60 and is too much fun to pass up. More Charlie Newman lyrics are used in Bodycocktail releases.